DHI 360°

It goes without saying that to develop any kind of presence for your business, you have to hit on digital channels and still rely on traditional means of marketing.


Digitally deprived companies cite a number of reasons for their slow adoption of a branded website or social media accounts. The most common one by far is that business is going well enough without it. But there's a significant distinction between getting by and thriving. 

DHI 360° creates unique content, on both traditional and digital channels, that helps your business thrive through a 360° presence. 

What is DHI 360°?

The more your prospective customers see, hear, and read about you the more you are seen as an expert in your industry. DHI360 offers custom-tailored services that works best for your business.
It's a set of exclusive content-based services aimed at building a comprehensive presence for your business in both online and traditional channels. 

What does DHI 360° offer?

2. Business-Descriptive Videos
Products can be complex, and it’s essential that your audience understands yours before they make a purchase. Watching a video provides both audio and visual stimulation and your website visitors are 64 to 85% more likely to purchase after watching a product video.
4. Business Profile Brochure
When it comes to digital ads, they come with length and character limitations. For example, a Facebook image ad consists up to 25 characters headline and one description of up to 125 characters. However, a brochure gives more space to describe your company or products and services. 
1. Website
If you don’t have a business website, today’s digital-savvy (and impatient) customers may look elsewhere. Your competitors already have company websites. So its high-time that you influence public perception by creating your brand story via a company website.
3. Business-Focussed Photography
When a customer is faced with two similar products of different brands, it is usually the quality of the photography used to showcase the product that will convert the sale. By nature, humans look and browse things that look good on eye. Good photography is good for your business as it can lure to sell more.
5. Social Media Marketing
social media.png
It isn’t enough to just be present online, you need to be active too. No one is going to bother following a social media account that hasn’t been updated since 2015, nor is anyone going to revisit a website that has no new content or an outdated design. Customers want authentic engagement and we will help get your business a ton of exposure. That exposure brings in new leads. Over time, those leads become followers, followers become customers and customers become dedicated brand promoters, continuing the cycle.

How much does DHI 360° cost?

On Your Marks


Basic stuff for your new firm.

1. Website (One Page)
2. Profile Videos - 2 min (x1)
3. Workplace/Product Photos - 30

4. Basic logo design

5. Business Cards

6. Letterheads

Man Working at Desk


Recommended for small scale firms.

1. Full fledged business website.

2. Profile Videos - 2 min (x1), 1 min (x2), 30sec (x3)

3. Workplace/Product Photos - 100

4. Business Brochure - 1 (PDF+PPT)

5. Business Flyers - 2

6. Social Media Startup Kit

7. Social Media Promotions (1 Month)

8. One year customer support.

Packages on Shelves


Exclusive for online businesses.

1. Full fledged business website.

2. Integrated Online Store

3. Mobile App

4. Product Database

5. Profile Videos - 2 min (x1), 1 min (x2), 30sec (x3)

6. Workplace/Product Photos - No Limit

7. Business/Product Brochure - 3 (PDF+PPT)

8. Business Flyers - No Limit

9. Social Media Startup Kit

10. Social Media Promotions (3 Month)

11. Lifetime Customer Support

All prices are inclusive of GST. 
EMI options are also available on checkout. (Only available on online transactions.)