Charles Diaz, aka Ghatakan, is a diabolic criminal who is in possession of a diamond. Knowing upon the fact that Charles is handing over the diamond to Johnson, a city cop, Govind Kallakkal is all set to ruin their plans and rob the diamond himself, but nothing is as easy as it seems. Plots will be ruined! Blood will be shed! Bodies will fall! Take a sneak peak into the action of Ghatakan.


We wanted to make a concept pitch for a character we loved writing - a story about a spy seeking exile in God's Own Country, Kerala. It was nothing short of incredible, writing, shooting and editing this film sketch, hoping that it reaches its culmination - a full blown feature film. Big thanks to my partner and dear friend Vipin Viswam for producing the film.


Urban India is now the world's third-largest garbage generator. It is estimated that 3 million truckloads of untreated garbage are being disposed of every day by the Municipal Authorities. Rithu Ragas, a small band from Kochi, has raised this ongoing concern of waste (Chavar) management in our city through the only language they know - Music. 


Phedhemiz is an independent UK band and we were fortunate to collaborate with them for a lyrical video for their first ever song - What to Say.